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  • Multi-sensor RF/DC power and SWR display with graphics you can control.
  • Observe peak and average forward/reflected power and SWR simultaneously on four remote sensors.
  • Sensors available for 160-6m and 140-470MHz.
  • Provides Audio/Voice announcement of RF Power and SWR with single keystrokes. Also provides audio and visual announcement of SWR alarm, and voice announcement when user resets the SWR Alarm.
  • Screens are user-customized to label each meter, allowing instant identification of what each sensor is monitoring. 
  • Precision sensors run simultaneously and never need re-calibration.
  • DC power voltage/current monitoring includes elapsed supply current.
  • Add additional sensors at any time, confident in precise measurements.
  • Multi-channel SWR graphing with easy-to-use, intuitive graphics.
  • SWR monitoring with protection relay included.
  • Additional user analog monitor inputs, and user defined TTL outputs, for remote operation of equipment.
  • All sensors are factory aligned and calibrated, you add sensors as you need them.
  • System data including: amplifier gain, power histograms, and linearity are easily viewed.
  • Made in the USA with rugged, state-of-the-art construction.




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