WaveNode WN-2




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  • Monitor 4 sensors simultaneously for peak, Average power and coax SWR.

  • Direct USB full speed interface.  

  • Backlit LCD display for stand-alone operation- Your PC is optional.

  • Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analysis of the RF Modulation- Observe IM and "Splatter" frequency components realtime.

  • Complete system includes (1) sensor, WN-2 unit, AC power module and software on CDROM.

  • Wide range of sensors cover 100 milliwatt to 8KW, 1.6 Mhz to 1.3 Ghz.

  • 16-bit RISC processor, 12 bit A/D converter and rugged construction.

  • WN-2 is compact and low power.  Perfect for local, mobile, emergency communications vans, and remote repeater sites.




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